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Artist in Residence

Marion Brenner

The Garden is pleased to announce the selection of renowned photographer and Berkeley resident Marion Brenner as our first Artist in Residence. Ms. Brenner is creating a body of work featuring the beautiful plants and landscapes of the Garden with the possibility of a one-woman show at the Garden in the spring of 2013. This is a new endeavor for the Garden and we are already enjoying the opportunity to see the garden through the eyes of an award-winning photographer. Marion Brenner's photographs have appeared in numerous books and magazines, including House & Garden, Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful, Landscape Architecture, The New York Times, Elle D├ęcor, Garden Design and Sunset Magazine. In 2002, the Berkeley Museum hosted her one-person show entitled, "The Subtle Life of Plants and People".

Cactus-like Euphorbia in front of Aloe in South Africa




Cactus-like <em>Euphorbia</em> in front of Aloe in South Africa <em>Trillium chloropetalum</em>: native California spring flower Tree ferns at the entrance of the Australasia area The thick trun of and strap-like leaves of Aloe plicatilus opens the Karoo of South Africa The yellow spring annuals beginning to appear in front of the large <br>leaves of Brunsvigia Josephine in South Africa Unusual flowers of <em>Rhodendron spinulferum</em>; <br>a 1976 accession (76.0483). <em>Ribes sanquineum glutinosum</em>; a 1950 exhibit (50.1631) The large oaks create a canopy with peeks of the bay on Oak Knoll in the California area.