Chinese Med Herb Garden.jpegThis is a special collection of over 100 herbs used in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. The garden was developed in 1986 as a cooperative effort between the Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province, China, the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, and the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley. In 1987 Professor Xu Hong-hua of the Guangzhou College spent six months in Berkeley designing the garden and supervising its installation.

Medicinal herb gardens are common at medical colleges in China, but this collection is the only U.S. medicinal garden arranged by function group.

Function groups include:
Surface relieving herbs
Purging herbs
Clearing heat herbs
Herbs for promoting the flow of water
Herbs for eliminating wind and damp
Herbs for warming interior and eliminating cold
Fragrant herbs for dissolving wetness
Herbs for regulating Qi
Herbs for regulating blood
Tonifying and nurturing herbs
Astringent herbs
Herbs for pacifying the spirit
Fragrant herbs for opening orifices
Herbs for dissolving phlegm and relieving cough
Herbs for removing congestion
Parasiticides (destroying parasites)
External uses (not represented)
Anti-cancer herbs