Herb-garden-in-bloom-001An “herb” is a plant with a history of human use, often from ancient times. Plants in this collection are mostly European. The Mediterranean is a particularly rich source of culinary herbs such as oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage.

The Herb Garden is assembled into beds based on plant uses. Leaves, flowers and roots are used for culinary flavorings, liquors and teas, as well as fragrances, perfumes, dyes, cosmetics, tinctures and other medicines.

Magical properties for good or ill have been attributed to plants. Modern analysis has substantiated the medicinal properties for many herbs that have been used since ancient times. Some culinary herbs used for flavoring have been found to contain antiseptic and antibiotic chemical compounds.

Although “natural,” herbs are not necessarily safe. Do not eat any part of the plants in this garden.