Titania's Fruit
03-18 -08







Trudy the Titan 2005

Paul Licht meassures Titania 7/23/07

Titania at 42" 07/23/07

Titania w/ spadex poking out 7/24/07

Spadex grew 3" over night 7/25/07

Titania 48" 07/26/07

Titania 48" 07/26/07

Titania 52" 07/27/07

Emily with Titania 07/28/07

Titania 52" 07/27/07

Another 3" to reach 55" 07/28/07

Margie with Titania 07/29/07

Another 3" to 58" 07/29/07

Up to 61" and starting to change color 07/30/07

Titania Flanked by two leaves 07/30/07

Up to 61" and starting to change color 07/30/07

Chris with Titania 07/31/07

Still growing at 65" 07/31/07

Spadix  with color starting to show on spathe 07-31-07

Bryan with Titania 08-01-07

Titania showing spathe color at 66" 08-01-07

Christy with Titania

Looks like it's getting ready at 68"

Kemi with Titania

Still growing and getting ready at 69.5" 08-03-07

Titania only adds 1" to 70.5" with more color 08-04-07

Titania with Barbara Licht

Top of Spathe with protruding spadix

Telltale maroon showing through the bulging seam of the spathe  08-05-07

Did not bloom last night as expected but showing signs. 8am 08-05 -07

Titania 11 A.M. 08-05-07 with Claudine Marquet

Anthony with Titania
8 A.M. 08-06-07

6 ft Spadix proudly erect and spathe opened slightly 08-06-07

Spathe color continues to darken

Development seems stalled
but has reached 6ft 08-06-07

Judith Finn pollinating Titania 08-07-07

Pollinating stick in flower 08-07-07

Judith Finn pollinating Titania 08-07-07

Inside skirt of Titania 08-07-07

Titania's spathe seam 08-07-07

Titania's spread has reached 44" and smelling nice! 7:30 A.M. 08-07-07

2:30 P.M Titania is closing, may be due to pollination at 8 A.M. 08-07-07

Kerry with Titania 08-08-07

Spathe 08-08-07

Spadix still erect, showing rich color with whiff of fragrance 8-08-07

Started to close shortly after pollination at 8am yesterday.
Still fascinating with erect spadix and occasional  whiffs of corpse.

8-09-07 Titania closed

8-09-07 Titania spadix

8-09-07 Titania with foil in window

8-10-07 Spadix starting to collapse

8-12-07 Spathe and spadix collapsing

8-13-07 Structure continues to collapse.
Now waiting to see if fruit forms.

8-20-07 No clear fruit development yet.

8-20-07 Structure continues to collapse.
Now waiting to see if fruit forms

Titania with fruit 8/27/07

Titania Withering 8/27/07

Titania side view receeding 9/05/07

Titania's fruit stalk 09/10/07

Titania's fruit 10-11 mm 09/10/07

Titania fruit developing-peduncle intact 10/05/07

Titania fruit developing 10-5-07

Titania fruit stalk-male cap off 10-5-07

Titania 10-15-07

Titania 10-15-07

TItania 10-15-07

Titania 10-29-07

Titania 10-29-07

Titania 11-07-07

Titania 11-07-07

Titania 11-15-07

Titania 11-15-07

Titania 11-15-07

Titania 11-29-07 Penducle Growing

Titania's Fruit 11-29-07

Titania's Fruit 11-29-07

Titania's Fruit - top view 11-29-07

Titania's Fruit 11-29-07

Titania in new box with Chris Carmichael 11-29-07

Titania with Afrooz Navid 12-07-07

Titania's fruit stalk

Cutting open Titania's fruit 01-09-08

Titania's fruit size 01-09-08

Titania's fruit split open 01-09-08

Titania's top fruit ripens 01-09-08

Titania's fruit stalk 01-09-08

Titania's seed 01-09-08
Titania with Barbara Licht
Fruit continues to ripen 02-13-08

Fruit continues to ripen on enlarged 'club' 3-6-2008
Titania's ripe fruit
Titania's riped whole fruit 03-18-08
Ripe Seeds
Fruits containing two large seeds are reaching maturity 3-18-08


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January 15, 2008 - The fruiting stalk has continued to grow and has now reached 47 inches (peduncle is 33 in and fruit head is 14 in). The fruits have clearly grown and those near the top are turning the dark red characteristic of mature fruit.  One fruit was opened and found to contain a large seed, resembling an olive pit.

December 1, 2007 -  The pollination was successful and the fruit are developing. The stalk (peduncle) is stretching upward and fruit are expanding. It reached 41 inches today, and we had to build a new taller case. The progression can be seen in photos. We expect fully developed fruit in several  months.  Available for viewing in the Tropical House--it's an amazing sight!

Titania has more fruit - Monday, November 26th, 2007

Titania has grown fruit - Friday, October 5th, 2 007

Titania shows its fruit - Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Spathe and spadix collapsing - Monday, August 13th, 2007

Spadix is collapsing - Friday, August 10th, 2007

View video of Titania Here

Titania closed - 2:30 PM, Tuesday, August 7th 2007

Titania opened - Tuesday, August 7th 2007

The titan arum, Amorphophallus titanum, (CORPSE FLOWER) is one of the largest and most spectacular (for both appearance and odor) blooms in the world, and an experience you will not want to miss. These blooms are not highly predictable (it has been 2 years since we saw one here), but we are estimating the full ‘grand’ opening and smell sometime in the week after July 30. It is certainly worth visiting to watch it develop, and it will continue to amaze for about a week after it opens. The strong stench of dead flesh for which it is named is strong for only about the first 12 hrs after it fully opens.

The plant has been raised from seed here in the Garden since 1995 and this is its first bloom. Following the national tradition of naming the plant beginning with the letter “T”, we have dubbed it “Titania” after the Queen of the Fairies in William Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream.

‘Titania’ is one of about 20,000 accessions representing 307 plant families found in our collection. The approximately 12,800 different species and subspecies make it one of the largest and most diverse collections in the country. The Garden also has a large number of rare and endangered California native plants on display, many of which are part of its collection for the national Center for Plant Conservation.

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Admission : $7 for adults, $5 for seniors and $2 for children ages 3 through 12. The Garden is open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM year round.


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