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In The Garden Shop is an engaging book, The Conscientious Gardener: Cultivating a Garden Ethic by Sarah Hayden Reichard. Ms. Reichard is a Professor of Conservation Biology in the College of the Environment and Adjunct Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington. Immediately the reader is drawn into the subject by her conversational writing style and thought provoking analysis of the need for a "Land Ethic". Ms. Reichard was profoundly influenced by Aldo Leopold's A Sand County Almanac. Not only was her career choice directed, but it was the beginning of an idea for The Conscientious Gardener. Chapters one and two, The Skin of the Earth, and Water Our Most Precious Resource, orient the reader. Also included in the book are chapters on native plants (thoughtfully chosen), alien plants, managing pests and confronting climate change. Her guidelines in Chapter 8, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, make the book well worth buying. Her appendix on Global Invasive Plants, includes plants that I did not expect. There is also an extensive reference list. Overall, The Conscientious Gardener is a good book to read to learn, to refresh, to repurpose and rejuvenate the reader's own "Land Ethic".