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Soon to be in the UCBG Shop is a new and beautiful book on dye craft written by Sasha Duerr, called The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes: Personalize Your Craft with Organic Colors from Acorns, Blackberries, Coffee, and Other Everyday Ingredients. Ms. Duerr is an artist and designer. Her book begins with an introduction on dyeing with plants and continues with chapters: Plant Dyeing Basics, Cooking with Color, Harvesting Hues, A Plant Palette and closes with the chapter, The Joy of Slow Textiles.

Each chapter is filled with lovely photographs and line drawings of the plants used to make the dyes and the colors each plant produces. The reader is taught that by having a close relationship with nature, she/he can create lovely dyed textiles. Equipment, workspace, successful material for dyeing, and various methods of dyeing are explained in detail. The chapter, The Joy of Slow Textiles will inspire the reader to reach out with Ecoliteracy to create his/her own dye garden for making beautifully dyed textiles. Also, please remember to attend the Garden Garments Opening Reception, Workshop and Book Release of Ms. Duerr's new book on Saturday March 19 from 1 to 4 pm at UCBG to learn more about natural dyes.