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On the Road Between South Africa and Asia: Rebuilding South Africa: Not far from the Garden entrance on the main road, when you come to the end of the New World Desert area on your right, you reach the beginning of the Asia collection. On the right is a path leading down to the Obata Gate and the beautiful Japanese pool and waterfall Looking back down the road toward the entrance, one can see the light boulders in the Karoo exhibit and the large Arid House. On the left side, of the road opposite the path to the pool, is the middle section of the South African collection featuring eastern Cape flora, marked by the prominent ‘Cabbage Tree’ Cussonia paniculata, perched atop the rock wall. 

Be sure to check the panorama showing the revitalization of this area completed in December, 2010.

The extensive renovation of this portion of the South African section was performed by Phil Johnson Landscaping.


Africa Wall Before

Entrance to Asia-Spring

Africa Wall After

Entrance to Asia-after construction

Until fall, 2010, this 5-6ft stone wall was too high to easily see over and also created an obstacle for large vehicles trying to maneuver the curve in the road (left panorama). A major renovation of this area began in October, 2010: the tall stone wall was removed and the hill was cut back about a foot and terraced. The centerpiece of the renovation was the construction of a naturalist array of moss and lichen covered boulders (right panorama). New plants will now be placed in the fresh soil among the boulders.