This summer we would be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Redwood Grove Summer Concert series, a series that had its humble beginnings with a few 20-30 person small shows in 2008 and became the sold-out summer series that went into full force in 2010. We are thinking of you all and remembering dearly our Thursday evenings together. To that end we are compiling your concert memories in a special tribute to the series that will live on our website this summer! Share with us what you love about the concerts. Send in a photo with a caption about the memorable moment to and we’ll post it to our website!

Redwood Grove Concert Memories

We’ve been going to the concerts every summer since my daughter was born in 2010 and Thursday night in the Redwoods with Mexican food from Cancun has become a beloved family tradition.  We love the eclectic music and the wonderful sense of shared community.  When my daughter was young, I worried about her making too much noise or dancing too vigorously, and now I love to see and hear other young families with toddlers in tow enjoying the show.

I’m hard pressed to choose a favorite show – I love them all – we’ve seen so many amazing acts – Chris Smithers, The Piano Brothers, Sean Hayes, Nina Gerber – and so many more!!



 As a Garden staffer I’ve been working at/attending the concerts since their inception and every single time I stand in awe of the towering redwoods and the magic of listening to music under them. At the same time I would look forward to seeing the familiar faces of our loyal attendees, catching up, and sharing our collective love of the UC Botanical Garden. While scrolling through my phone to find images, I laugh as I see that I have virtually the same picture from each and every concert- the view from my perch. Week after week, year after year, amazed by the beauty, yes of the redwoods, but of community coming together I never tire of this scene and it’s as if capturing the moment on camera will freeze it in time forever. This particular photo is from a Rupa and the April Fishes concert in June 2017.

–Deepa, Berkeley

What a venue! Inspector Gadje at UC Botanical Garden Redwood Grove June 1, 2017. 11 brass instruments, 2 drummers and an accordion.


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