Plants for sale are now located on the Tour Deck. Thank you for supporting the UC Botanical Garden!

Shop from a selection of plants including California natives, cacti, succulents, trees & shrubs, insectivores, herbs, and perennials. Most of our outstanding selection of plants are propagated here by our dedicated volunteers.

Nursery Plant Sale Hours

With Reservation

Open Daily

12 – 4 pm
During your reservation time

Without Reservation

Special Nursery-only Open Hours
(Garden Collections Closed)

Saturdays and Sundays, through August
10 – 11:30 am

Shopping Guidelines

  • Abide by all Visit Guidelines while shopping
  • The Plant Deck next to the Garden Shop is closed, plants for purchase are available on the Tour Deck
  • Only 10 customers in the sales area at a time
  • Please only handle plants you intend to purchase
  • Purchases by credit card are preferred
  • Payment processed at the Garden Shop window
  • Bring your own box
  • No discounts

Available for Purchase


Sarracenia, Drosera and Venus Fly Traps available. We have a good selection of plants and species, which changes every week.

Cacti & Succulents

Beautifully arranged, ready to display succulent dishes are available, in addition to a variety of individual cacti and succulents.

California Natives

Aesculus californica – California Buckeye
Arctostaphylos insularis ‘Canyon Sparkles’
Arctostaphylos manzanita ‘Dr. Hurd’
Arctostaphylos pajaroensis ‘Paradise’
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ‘Emerald Carpet’
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ‘Green Supreme
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ‘Pacific Mist’
Aristolochia californica – California Pipe Vine
Artemisia californica ‘Canyon Gray’
Asarum caudatum – California Ginger
Carpenteria californica
Ceanothus ‘Blue Jeans’
Ceanothus ‘Centennial’
Ceanothus ‘Joan Mirov’
Ceanothus hearstiorum
Ceanothus cuneatus
Cercis orbiculata – Western Redbud
Clematis ligusticifolia
Clinopodium douglasii – Yerba Buena
Dudleya sp.
Epilobium canum ‘Carmen’s Gray’
Eriogonum arborescens
Eriogonum grande var rubescens
Frangula californica ‘Eve Case’ – Coffee Berry
Frangula californica ‘Leatherleaf’
Garrya fremontii – Coast Silk Tassel
Heuchera maxima
Keckiella cordifolia
Lyonothamnus floribundus ssp asplenifolius – Catalina Ironwood
Mimulus aurantiacus var grandifloras (white)
Penstemon heterophyllus ‘Margarita BOP’
Prunus illicifolia
Ribes malvaceum ‘Dancing Tassels’
Salvia apiana
Salvia brandegeei ‘Pacific Blue’
Salvia clevelandii ‘Pozo Blue’
Salvia clevelandii ‘Whirly Blue’
Salvia clevelandii ‘Winnifred Gilman’
Vaccinium ovatum – Huckleberry

Trees & Shrubs

Acacia pravissima
Acer morrisonense
Berzelia galpinii
Brachychiton rupestris
Bouvardia ternifolia
Callicarpa mollis
Camellia yunnanensis
Cornus florida ssp urbiniana
Cuphea oreophila
Erica baueri
Erica longifolia
Fuchsia arborscens
Fuchsai glazoviana
Hebe speciosa
Hydrangea paniculata
Leucadendron Pisa
Luculia pinceana
Pterostyrax hispida
Rhododendron formosum
Roldana petasitis ssp cirstobalensis
Sinocalycanthus chinensis
Solandra brachycalyx
Tibouchina langisepala
Xanthorrhoea presissei
Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata

Face masks for sale at the Garden Shop
Handmade by Garden Volunteers
$15 each

The availability of plants and items for sale is subject to change.