Japanese Pool Poster

Introducing our brand new Garden poster from the creative mind of local art legend, David Lance Goines.

The focus of this new poster features the Japanese Pool, an iconic spot in the UC Botanical Garden, which has an interesting history. When the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island closed in 1940, its Japanese exhibit was donated to the Garden on behalf of the Japanese government, with the aid of a donation from the UC Japanese Alumni Association.

The exhibit was comprised of stone from Japan, including lanterns and a bridge displayed as a Japanese garden and pool.  Kaneji Domoto, a prominent landscape architect in the Bay Area, assisted in designing the Japanese gardens at the Exposition. He also designed the reinterpretation of the display and supervised Japanese workmen as they placed about 150 boulders to create the waterfalls and pool in the Garden in Berkeley. The work was completed in about November 1941.

The pool was damaged during an El Nino storm in October 1962 when it rained 38 centimeters (15 in) in just three days. Boulders and lanterns were swept away by a raging Strawberry Creek. Many of the original boulders were recovered along with one original Yukimi-gata (snow viewing) lantern. The lantern stands by the pool today; a missing stone ring is a gentle reminder of the October destruction.

Read the artist’s thoughts on the poster here.

Limited availability of signed posters for $250, plus tax. Shipping and handling fees may apply or choose to collect your poster at the UC Botanical Garden Entrance Kiosk. Unsigned posters are available for purchase in the Garden Shop.

17-7/16” x 24″; Fifteen Colors; Paper: Finch Fine Cover Ultra-smooth100 pound

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Center photo: 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island

David Lance Goines

ARTIST and writer David Lance Goines was born May 29, 1945 in Grants Pass, Oregon, and is the oldest of eight children. He attended the University of California at Berkeley as a Classics major, but in his second year was expelled as a consequence of his participation in the Free Speech Movement. Though later readmitted, he had by then lost his taste for higher education and in 1965 apprenticed with a Berkeley printer, becoming in the fullness of time a journeyman of that Art and Mystery. He is the author of five books, collaborated on three, and his work has been the subject of six others.

In 1968 he founded Saint Hieronymus Press in the same Berkeley printshop where he had learned his trade. There he has remained, designing his work and printing it by both letterpress and photo-offset lithography.

125th Anniversary Poster

Our 2016 Garden poster from David Lance Goines.

Unsigned posters are available in the Garden Shop for $50.

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