Buy a Cart from the Heart

Goal reached: $5,020 out of $5,000 raised!

This February, help the UC Botanical Garden reach our goal of providing a new cart for every horticulturist on staff! With 12 new carts, staff will no longer have to share broken, damaged carts and instead be empowered to transport tools wherever needed in the collections and safely move valuable plants around the Garden.

Thank you for all your generous donations!

“This cart is the only way that I can get delicate potted orchids from our greenhouse through the Garden and into the Orchid, Fern & Carnivorous House every other day. I need a smooth ride that can easily maneuver through pathways. With the few carts we have being over 10 years old – most are dirty or have multiple holes in them.”

– Corina Rieder, Horticulturist of the Green House Collections

“These carts are our main tool for removing green waste (weeds and cuttings from the collection). They’re easy to maneuver and the best way of getting the tools we need all the way to our collections. They’re essentially the backpacks for the Horticultural Department.”

– Ethan Fenner, Horticulturist of the Southern Africa Collection

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