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During our 2020 closure, our UC Botanical Garden community stayed connected online.  Explore the following resources to virtually immerse yourself in the Garden.

Collection Updates

Virtual Collections Tour
Enjoy the sights and sound of the Garden from your home

May 4th
From Vanessa Handley

April 9th
From Vanessa Handley

April 2nd
From Anthony Garza

March 26th
From Vanessa Handley

What’s In Bloom
Showy Milkweed (Asclepias speciosa)

Educational Resources

I’m Glad You Asked
Read in-depth plant columns from Garden Director Dr. Lew Feldman

Growing Cucumbers
Home gardening guide by Jason Bonham

An Introduction to Grafting
Grafting 101 by Jason Bonham

Endangered Species Day
Why did the Botanist Cross the Pond?

International Biodiversity Day
Tropical Forests in the Philippines

Waterfalls in the Desert
A blog from the field by Sohpia Warsh

Babiana ringens – an Unusual Geophyte
Plant spotlight by Ethan Fenner

Intoxicating Plants Tour
Aurally tour the Garden with volunteer Sal Levinson

Deepa’s Chai Recipe
Connect with spices for a cozy drink

UC Botanical Garden YouTube
Watch recorded lectures, concerts, explainer videos and more!

Naturally Dyed Eggs Tutorial
By Deepa Natarajan

Garden Community

Memories from Members
Reminisce about your favorite Garden memory

Be Your Own Botanist
Show off your home gardens and houseplants while social distancing

Redwood Grove Concert Memories
A special tribute to the Redwood Grove Summer Concert series

UC Botanical Virtual Backgrounds
Bring the Garden to your meetings and virtual hangouts