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Bring a piece of the Garden home. The renovation of the Garden’s Tropical House required reducing some of the larger specimens and removing redundant plants. The Garden is pleased to offer these plants, as well as other exotic rarities, in this special once-in-a-lifetime online sale.
Your purchase directly supports our Tropical House project and our living collection.

For nearly 50 years, the Garden’s Tropical House has been a source of wonder and delight for visitors, young and old. For many, the Tropical House was their first (and perhaps only) glimpse of a tropical environment. The towering plants, moist air, and earthy aromas evoked a mysterious world and provided a unique educational experience. Here, children learned that chocolate really does grow on trees. Gathered around the cocoa plant, docents awed school children with nibbles of bitter cocoa pods and sweetened chocolate chips, providing a hands-on lesson connecting plants and food. Here, too, we were amazed by the magnificent exotic corpse flower (Titan arum).

The Tropical House was closed in March 2019 for structural renovations. These essential improvements are nearing completion. We are now raising funds to refresh the Tropical House with a modern interior that will engage and educate visitors with an intimate tropical experience. Your plant purchases and donations will connect visitors, young and old, with the wonders and delights of the tropics. 

Helpful Tips:

  • The plant sale is online only

  • Plants are available from our Online Garden Shop while supplies last

  • Pick-up from the Garden required; we do not ship plants.

  • No onsite sales available

  • No discounts

Plant Pickup Information

  • Your plant order will be available for pick-up on Saturday, January 30. A pick up time slot will be assigned when you place your order

  • Park in the Garden’s parking lot; plant pickup will be located below the lot, directly across Centennial Drive from the main Garden entrance, in front of a greenhouse

  • Please bring your own box when you pick up your plants