Handmade Moments + Indianna Hale

Infectious indie folk

July 9, 2019

Doors at 5 pm | Show at 5:30 pm

$26 General
$24 UCBG Member
$12 Youth (5 – 17)

Handmade Moments

Ornate instrumentation details the bedrock of Handmade Moments’ simple yet sophisticated songcraft, and endearing, intoxicating personality. Their piercing lyricism and carousing croon both tell their own inspirational tale, and encompass larger themes that resonate within us all. This musical document unveils a myriad of tones, from walking upright bass to silky saxophone; it embodies an intelligent, progressive culture and celebrates a simple way of life. “Fighting a Mountain” imagines a friend stranded in raging waters, but you are unable to help, restrained by physical barriers. The title track envisions a post-apocalyptic world with desert farms, a pointed statement against input-reliant agriculture and rallying cry to restore the ecosystem. “Junkie” is not your typical lover’s lament, and uses muse and real life metaphor to emphasize emotions that know no bounds, until they are no more. Paw Paw Tree is filled with lyrical life lessons, statements on the state the union, and examinations of those fragile, human elements that define each and every one of us.


Indianna Hale

Indianna Hale is a singer songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based in San Francisco, making vocal driven, melodic psychedelic folk rock music with her band. She sings bewitching songs about longing desire, dreams and bewilderment. Though her sound has a mysterious timeless quality to it, you can sometimes hear sounds reminiscent of Willie Nelson, Mazzy Star, Magnetic Fields and the Velvet Underground. She has released 2 full length albums, Hallelujah (2008) and Indianna Hale (2016) and has appeared on various compilations. Currently, she is recording new songs for an upcoming release.