Tarimba + Cascada de Flores

Festive son jarocho + Latin American songbook

June 20, 2019

Doors at 5 pm | Show at 5:30 pm

$24 General
$22 UCBG Member
$12 Youth (5 – 17)

Cascada de Flores

The core members of Cascada de Flores have been re-imagining Mexican tradition for years. After falling for Mexican music as a young woman, Arwen Lawrence toured with Grammy-winning L.A. mariachi heavyweights, Los Camperos de Nati Cano, an apprenticeship that honed her skills and deepened her love for Mexico’s musical language, performing in venues such as the Teatro Degollado in Guadalajara and Lincoln Center of New York. Jorge Liceaga grew up in Mexico City, was self-taught on guitar and later was mentored by local legend Leonardo ‘El León’ Salas who taught Jorge to ‘guasanguearla’ (play with that special Yucatecan swing). The pair founded Cascada de Flores in San Francisco, CA in 1999, creating music that swims in a magical place somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean sea where rancheras, boleros, sones and guarachas from México, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia meet.

Cascada de Flores has recorded four albums, collaborated in numerous projects, including theater and cinema, toured the United States, and has been featured on NPR Global Village. Opening minds and hearts to the real stories of Mexico and Latin America has become this group’s unofficial mission.




TARIMBA is a collective of local Bay Area musicians who have embraced the traditional genre of Son Jarocho music. The core members of TARIMBA are experienced multi-instrumentalists and vocalists who are dedicated to son jarocho’s community-building ethos, playful lyrics, and improvisational sensibility.
Tarimba is another word for ‘tarima’, the wooden dance platform that serves as the heart of the Son Jarocho tradition of the Sotavento region of Mexico (comprising Southern Veracruz and parts of Northern Oaxaca and Tabasco). Son Jarocho reflects its Spanish, Arabic, African, Caribbean and Indigenous influences, and is played at community celebrations called Fandangos.

Core members are musicians and educators Kyla Danysh and Dolores “Lolis” García. Kyla has been playing violin for twenty-five years, growing up studying classical and Klezmer music, and discovering her passion for improvisation through the exploration of Son Jarocho, Son Huasteco, boleros, “gypsy jazz”, and Balkan music. Lolis is the Co-Director of the East Bay Center’s resident arts company, Son de la Tierra. Under the mentorship of Artemio Posadas, Lolis has been studying Mexican Son for over twenty years. She has mastered a number of string and percussion instruments in a variety of Son traditions including Huasteco, Jarocho, Tixtleco, and Mariachero.