Rupa & the April Fishes + Shake Your Peace!

Liberation music

June 27, 2019

Doors at 5 pm | Show at 5:30 pm

$29 General
$27 UCBG Member
$18 Youth (5 – 17)

Rupa & the April Fishes

Rupa and the April Fishes create a sound that pulsates with the pluralism of Bay Area culture, celebrating life and the art of resistance through a wide musical palette that pulls from over a decade of playing street parties, festivals and symphonic concerts through 29 countries with songs in 5 languages. Under the direction of composer, frontwoman, activist and physician Rupa, the band creates a live experience which is a manifestation of a world beyond nations, where the heart of humanity beats louder than anything that divides us. This is Liberation Music.

In April 2019, the group released its sixth album Growing Upward in a plastic-free, plantable format–as a set of 12 seed packets. These songs come from a time of Rupa’s deep engagement as a physician in places where the social underpinnings of what ails us becomes starkly clear, working closely with groups struggling for dignity, health and sovereignty in a time of climate catastrophe. Laced with love, optimism and unflinching analysis and inspired by direct conversations with Gil Scott Heron, families who have lost their loved ones to police violence and the indigenous grandmothers at Standing Rock, this album is a document of where we are today and where we can focus our gaze in order to rise to the challenges that face us on planet earth. The album features artwork by a longtime collaborator, the art-ivist and muralist, Mona Caron.


Shake Your Peace!

SHAKE YOUR PEACE! has created a new music style called “whup” – a rock & roll hybridization of: Afro-Latin and Caribbean rhythms, bluegrass fiddling, gospel choir, marching band percussion, and ecotopian perspectives.

Shake Your Peace!’s new full length album, seven years in the making, is entitled “Whup Music.” It sounds like what you’d get if Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, Hector Lavoe, and eco-anarchist/author Edward Abbey had a baby, and that baby was raised by LA hippies amongst the cowboys of Utah.

Shake Your Peace! is known for incorporating environmental activism into both tours and live shows, best exemplified by Shake Your Peace!’s many experiments with touring by bicycle, and by foot (hauling drums, amplifiers, and guitars all without the help of a tour van), and amplifying some of their concerts with a bicycle-powered sound system. In 2007, these experiments inspired Shake Your Peace! to co-found the award-winning Bicycle Music Festival in San Francisco; an event heralded as “iconic” by NPR, lauded as “the best bike fest” by Outside Magazine, and awarded San Francisco’s “Certificate of Honor” for “redefining what a green music festival can be.” An open source idea, Bicycle Music Festivals and BMF-style events are now found worldwide.

Shake Your Peace!’s primary goal with “Whup Music” is to “contribute the music to those who are marching – at home, at work, at school, and in the streets – toward what some of us like to call “ecotopia,” a culture of ecological and social justice.” And it’s clear that this “revolution in-motion” as Shake Your Peace! envisions it, is ultimately a movement of inclusion, not division: between every “walking person” who’s willing to celebrate a common ground of love, and move forward on that basis.