Trudy 2015

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July 29

Trudy the Titan is surprisingly still erect 3 days after bloom but is clearly winding down this morning. It still looks impressive.

We will no longer update this page daily but you can follow further progress on our facebook page. You can also view a spectacular time lapse of its opening created by Bill Weaver, Trudy’s owner. Thank you for being a part of this remarkable experience.

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July 28

Trudy continues to produce pollen but is collapsing slowly. The spadix remains upright but the spathe is closing and the characteristic stench is barely detectable.

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July 27

Trudy is a ‘he’. The ‘flower’ is now wilting  and has started producing pollen which is being collected through a ‘door’ cut into the side of the spathe. We will collect pollen throughout the day. It is no longer emitting strong odors.

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July 26


The spathe began to spread at 5 pm yesterday, just as the Garden was closing. Images show 6:15 pm and 7:30 pm.  Only infrequent blasts of odor were experienced in this early period.
The process continues overnight: The flower should be fully open and in full glory early this morning and is expected to remain spectacular for days. Late this afternoon a window will be cut to view its innermost secrets and to start pollen collection.

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July 25

TRUDY DID NOT OPEN LAST NIGHT. Opening appeared to begin around 7 pm yesterday, with occasional whiffs of odor, but the titan still looks about the same at 7 am today. It seems highly likely that it may open late this afternoon or evening but our predictions have proven inaccurate this far. Trudy is playing coy!

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July 24

Trudy the Titan is still biding its time. There was little change over night with about 1 inch of growth. The skirt (spathe) is 35 inches high and the waist measures 40 inches. We still expect blooming sometime soon but it is difficult to predict accurately.


July 23

Bloom looked imminent last night but Trudy is still not open this morning. No further growth measured (typical when getting ready to open). The spathe coloration, especially along the seam, has intensified. There is a good chance it may open tonight or tomorrow night!

Trudy titan 2-22-55in 7-22-2015 8-12-51 AM

Trudy titan 2-22-55in Time lapse camera 7-22-2015 8-17-25 AM

July 22

Trudy has reached 55 inches this morning (2 inches since yesterday) and continues to show more color around the spathe, a sign of pending bloom in next few days.

Trudy is being ‘watched’ by a time-lapse camera to catch the moment.

Trudy July 21

July 21

Trudy, the titan, continues to grow: measured 53″ this morning (2″ overnight). Still not enough color to predict opening time accurately. Stay tuned for more updates!

Trudy July 20

July 20

BREAKING NEWS: Trudy the Titanic Corpse Flower is back for a third time. This image shows its condition this morning. The plant is now about 51″ high (grew 3″ since yesterday) and 13″ in diameter The green spathe is beginning to show some color, suggesting that bloom may occur within the week. We will keep you informed of progress with daily email updates. The smell only lasts for a day, so get ready!