UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley is grateful to the amazing donor families who have generously contributed to establish endowment funds that provide us with permanent, reliable, self-sustaining financial resources.

Growth of these endowment funds through charitable giving and investment return has enabled the Garden to support key staff positions, important programs, and provide excellent care to our ever-growing collections.

Endowment funds allow the Garden to thrive by ensuring current and future funding streams regardless of the state of campus and budgetary support.

Below are our most recently established endowment funds:

  • 21st Century Fund

  • Agnes Robb Fund

  • Allen Botanical Science Fund

  • California Area Endowment

  • Chern Endowment for the Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden

  • Herringer Fund

  • Horticultural Happiness Fund

  • Licht Fund

  • Moffatt Garden Fund

  • Myrtle Wolf Fund

  • Unselt Fund

If you would like to learn more about the Garden’s endowments, please see the frequently asked questions below or call Director of Development Krista Vossekuil, CFRE at (510) 643-2937.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages the investment of endowment funds?

The Berkeley Endowment Management Company manages the investment of endowment funds given by generous donors. You can learn more about BEMCO and the UC Berkeley Foundation here.

How much money does it take to start an endowment?

The UC Berkeley Foundation has set different minimum funding levels for different types of endowments ranging from $25,000 to millions of dollars. Please reach out to Garden Director of Development Krista Vossekuil, CFRE to discuss options that are best for you.

Can I create an endowment fund through a bequest?

Certainly! The minimum required to start the fund may be higher depending on the estimated time the gift may be realized. You can work with the Office of Gift Planning for more details via ogp@berkeley.edu or (800) 200-0575. You may also reach out directly to Garden Director of Development Krista Vossekuil, CFRE for information and she can connect you to the Office of Gift Planning’s expert staff.

Can I contribute to an already established endowment fund?

Yes, you may make a gift in any amount to an already established endowment fund. Please reach out to Garden Director of Development Krista Vossekuil, CFRE. She will work with you to ensure the fund you choose aligns to your intentions and purpose.

Can I name an endowment fund?

Yes! You can name the endowment fund you establish after your family, a loved one, company, or as a lasting tribute to someone special. There may be a few restrictions but we will do our best to accommodate your request and reflect your wishes. Since endowments are permanent, ties between the Garden and the donor family will remain in place through annual performance updates, what was made possible through the support provided, and opportunities for commemoration.