Work for one of the top botanical gardens in North America. The UC Botanical Garden is a non-profit research garden and museum for the University of California at Berkeley, having a notably diverse plant collection including many rare and endangered plants. Established in 1890, the Garden, which is open to the public year round, has over 13,000 different kinds of plants from around the world, cultivated by region in naturalistic landscapes over its 34 acres.

The UC Botanical Garden is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Staff Positions

Job Title: Horticulturist (9723C)
Job ID: 25980


Horticultural Maintenance:
• Watering, fertilizing, mulching, amending the soil, weeding, pruning, raking, planting and other activities involved in cultivating plants
• Assessing the watering needs of collection through knowledge of drip and/or low volume and conventional irrigation systems; altering systems as needed.
• Recognize insect and plant pathogen problems within the collection and either alleviate the problem and/or mitigate any conditions that contribute to the problem using IPM methodology.
• Maintain the aesthetic or cultural style(s) appropriate for the collection through enhancement, supplementation and routine alterations of plant displays within horticulturists’ areas.
• Initiate requests to nursery propagator for re-propagation of existing plant material and new seed acquisitions in order to maintain the integrity of the Garden collections.
• Work with and direct volunteers, students, and interns.
• Perform construction and reconstruction projects which includes path and road work, resurfacing and grading paths with road base; repairing rock work, bed edging, and stairways; keeping paths, roads and streams clear of debris; controlling erosion in planted and traffic areas with berms, water bars, drainage systems, application of jute, etc.
• Use garden equipment, including but not limited to pick-up truck and van (which may be used off-site as assigned), go-cart, chipper/shredder, power weed cutters, rototiller, and caterpillar.

• Maintain plant information (records), conservation of plant collection, and collection development.
• Initiate requests (coordinated with the Curatorial office) for taxonomic updates, revisions, and/or determinations for plants and their areas.
• Recordkeeping duties to include mapping, initiating record change forms, plant removal forms, and label requests.
• Maintain plant labels in assigned area(s).
• Participate in approved collection travel to scout collection sites, voucher specimens, and collect seeds and other material from worldwide sources. Maintain accurate and detailed field notes.

Area Development:
• Initiates improvements and development of assigned area(s). Routine development is performed with a high degree of independence involving continuing evaluation and reassessment of plantings, revising the planting schemes, replanting, library research, acquisition of plants, and improving displays for enhanced interpretation and/or horticultural success.

• Work with IB 112 students in Horticultural Methods class.
• Participate in volunteer training and interpretation of assigned areas for volunteers with both tours and/or written materials.
• Assist and participate in the preparation of interpretive materials and the acquisition of plants to illustrate educational themes
• Assist with public outreach programs, as needed.
• Writing articles for Garden publications and/or botanical or horticultural journals is encouraged.

Professional Development:
• Attend professional meetings, seminars, and symposia to promote personal and professional growth at the discretion of Garden management and consistent with Garden scheduling priorities.

Miscellaneous Duties:
• Assist at Plant Sales and other fund raisers.
• Weekend staffing responsibilities
• Other independent and team duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications

• Bachelors degree in Horticulture or equivalent work/training experience.
• Working knowledge of basic landscape maintenance, including various irrigation systems operations, troubleshooting and repair.
• Ability to work independently, set and meet objectives, and coordinate objectives with other members of the staff.
• Familiarity with the establishment/maintenance of natural community based gardens.
• Ability to maintain accurate records and to research collection acquisitions and their horticultural requirements through botanical literature.
• Ability to work well with a diverse group of staff, volunteers and the public.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must.
• Ability to perform hard physical labor lifting up to 100 lbs on occasion.


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