Illustrated Guide to Common Animals of the East Bay Hills

Identify the birds at your backyard feeder, the bees and butterflies in your garden and that snake crawling across the driveway with this laminated field guide just published by the Garden and available in The Garden Shop for only $8.95.

New! Due to popular demand the Garden is taking mail and phone orders for our faunal guide, The Illustrated Guide to Common Animals of the East Bay Hills by mail or phone. Guides are $12 each including mailing and sales tax. Click here to download a form for mail orders. Phone 510-643-2755 to place your order with a credit card.

A Guide to the Garden’s Rich Animal Life
by Paul Licht, Former Director

birdsAs trained zoologists, Chris Carmichael, Associate Director of Collections & Horticulture, and I were immediately captivated by an idea brought to us last year by docent Michael Chinn to create a guide to the animals of the Garden. Our rich fauna has always been a source of interest for visitors (besides the ever popular birds and bees, few children can resist the abundance of newts in winter and lizards in summer); but the only resources were the commercial guides, typically focused on a single group of animals, like birds, reptiles or butterflies.

As the project evolved, our goal was to provide a single general reference to all the common animals of honeybeethe Garden, which basically encompass the fauna of the surrounding East Bay Hills. The result was a laminated field guide with beautiful original illustrations of 10 reptiles, 5 amphibians, 18 mammals, 61 birds and 21 insects plus the banana slug. Illustrations were provided by local artist Dana Gardner, already widely experienced in producing such field guides. This is a first of its kind for us and we hope will further heighten the appreciation for all that is wonderful about our environment. These efforts were supported by gifts from the Leo O. Dorji fund and Tom and Karen Mulvaney.