Thank You!

We are grateful for the philanthropic support of our donors and members whose contributions have helped sustain the Garden for over 130 years! Thank you!

The information below reflects the financial activities of the Garden in the 2022-23 fiscal year (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023). During this time period, it cost over $4.5 million to operate the Garden. Of that, 70% of our income came from generous contributions from our supporters along with admission fees, classes, venue rentals for special events and gift shop and plant sales.  See charts below.

We need your help to meet our mission of research, conservation, and education and to take care of the Garden’s priceless collections.

To see the full impact of these gifts, please read the recent Annual Report FY 2022/2023 here

An image of two pie charts showing financial information

For Donors: Frequently Asked Questions

Is UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley a 501(c)3 nonprofit?

The UC Botanical Garden is a unit of the University of California, Berkeley operating under the Tax ID of the UC Berkeley Foundation: 94-6090626. Gifts made to the UC Berkeley Foundation are tax-deductible and are used for purposes specified by the donor. For information about all gift types and FAQs visit:

Where should I send my donation?

For fastest processing, donors should send their checks to the UC Berkeley Foundation and indicate that the gift is for the UC Botanical Garden on accompanying paperwork, or on the memo line of their check. This is the same for gifts made via donor advised fund (DAF) or IRA distributions.

UC Berkeley Foundation / Gift Services
1995 University Avenue, Suite 400
Berkeley, CA 94704-1070

It is helpful if you also email Director of Development Mary Canales to let her know your gift is en route:

Can I make a donation online?

Yes! To make a one-time donation online you can via the Garden’s website or by clicking here. To make a Recurring Gift, please visit our All Ways to Give page and follow the instructions or see next question.

Can I set up a recurring gift for the Garden?

Yes, to do this go to UC Berkeley Foundation’s giving webpage and search Botanical Garden or go here.

Begin to make your gift then select “Recurring.” From there, you can select the frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually) and duration (until I cancel or until a specific date).

The Garden is unable to keep credit cards on file so we appreciate donors using UC Berkeley Foundation’s system.

In-Kind Gifts and Contributions

Donors of gifts made in-kind to the Garden will receive a letter, signed by the Director, acknowledging the receipt of the good(s) or service(s) donated. Please note that this letter will not include the dollar amount as it is not the Garden’s role to place a market value on contributions.

Instead, we encourage donors to work with their tax advisor or other professional counsel. If an in-kind contribution is valued at $5,000+ it is advised that donors procure an appraisal prepared by a qualified appraiser.

Is a portion of my gift used for administrative purposes?

A portion of your philanthropic gift, 7.5%, is allocated to support fundraising efforts. This level compares favorably to those at other UC schools and select institutions. One-half of this amount (3.75%) is directed to fundraising operations at the school, college, or program (e.g. UC Botanical Garden) benefiting from your gift, and the other half to further investments in development campus-wide. Your support enables us to contribute to renewing the University’s public mission and world-class excellence for generations to come.

Are there any benefits associated with my gift?

Gifts made anywhere on campus count toward participation in The Charter Hill Society, Berkeley’s annual giving recognition program. In addition, the Garden has its own donor recognition programs.

For more information about the Garden’s donor recognition programs, please contact Director of Development Mary Canales at

For more information about The Charter Hill Society, its tiers and benefits, and other campus recognition programs, please visit The Charter Hill Society website.

What is the Garden’s operating budget?

The Garden’s operating budget in FY 22/23 was nearly $4.5 million.

What percentage of your budget goes to program?

The Garden spends 68% of its income on Collection care and garden experience and 7% on education and outreach, totaling 75%. This is on par with other gardens, zoos, and aquariums. Other expenses include membership services, marketing, development, administration, management, and general. All expenses directly support the Garden’s mission.

What percentage of your budget comes from memberships? Private gifts? Corporate? Foundations? University?

While finances fluctuate over time depending on external circumstances including the pandemic, below you can find this information for the most recent fiscal year FY 22/23:

INCOME – $4,828,327

Gifts & Membership …… 29%
Endowments ……………… 17%
Campus Support ………… 11%
Earned Revenue …………. 43%

EXPENSES – $4,555,884

Collection Care &
Garden Experience ……………. 47%
Management & General ……… 17%
Education & Outreach ……….. 7%
Development & Marketing ….  10%
Membership/Visitor Services …………. 19%

What is the payout for endowments?

The UC Berkeley’s Foundation payout is up to 4%. This can fluctuate depending on market conditions but all information is available on the Foundation’s website.

How can I best support the Garden?

Thank you so much for asking! Our priority for now and the next few years is building our reserves through gifts made to our Annual Fund. This enables our Director and expert, professional staff to have some flexibility and maximize opportunities as they arise.

If you are interested in supporting a capital project, please review our Strategic Plan 2030 here and follow up with Director of Development Mary Canales at

Do you have a current list of Garden needs, projects, and priorities?

Yes, read our Strategic Plan 2030 here for a list of exciting plans that will improve and expand the Garden facilities and visitor experience!