The Garden is home to two newt species, Taricha torosa (California newt) and Taricha granulosa (rough-skin newt). The winter rains prompt the newts to migrate to the Garden’s Japanese Pool where their mating behaviors can be easily observed by visitors. The Garden offers several opportunities throughout the year to get up close and personal with the newts so keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events!



If you’d like to learn more about our Garden newts, here is a podcast

by former Garden Director, Paul Licht.

Paul Licht began his career as a zoology professor at UC Berkeley. When presenting him with the Berkeley Citation, his colleagues noted “his research into the factors that determine sexual differentiation, sexual maturation and reproductive physiology in a wide variety of species-including amphibians, reptiles and mammals-has resulted in more than 300 publications and has made him one of most respected comparative endocrinologists in the world.”

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