NOTE: The Conference Center is not available in 2022-23.

Inside the Conference Center are two adjoining rooms, the Mirov and the smaller Ornduff. Each has greenhouse windows that let the sunshine in, as well as showcase the surrounding greenery. You might host your banquet in the Mirov, then do the cake cutting in the Ornduff and dance on the Terrace. Or during the cooler months, begin in the Ornduff for cocktails, then move into Mirov for your reception. The secluded site, with no neighbors to disturb, is perfect for dancing late into the night.


  • Two kitchenettes
  • Decorative terrace lighting
  • Conference Center chairs, round & rectangular tables included with rental
  • Conference Center Terrace umbrellas
  • Projection screen is available in the Mirov Room.
  • Podium and microphone
  • Wi-Fi and high-speed internet