Scheduling a Self-Guided Group Visit

Groups may make reservations to visit the Garden for a self-guided visit of the Garden. If your group wishes to visit please fill out this form or email in advance (minimum of 3 business days) so that we may help to facilitate your visit. Groups may schedule a self-guided group visit any day except for the first and third closed Tuesdays.

Groups with minors must provide chaperones/teachers to ensure students are supervised by an adult at all times, as follows:

  • 1 chaperone per 4 pre-K students
  • 1 per 5 grades K-3 students
  • 1 per 6 grades 4-8 students
  • 1 per 8 high school students

Chaperones for groups with minors up to the required number are provided free admission to the Garden.

College and University classes must request group visits on our College & University page.

All self-guided groups visiting the Garden are required to pay $20 for a staff-led introduction in addition to admission fees. Admission and tour introduction fees are paid in advance by arranging with the Tour Coordinator.

Self-Guided Contemplative Tour

Refocus and be restored by the Garden’s beauty on a self-guided contemplative tour of the collection. This free downloadable guide offers quiet locations in the Garden to read a poem, take in nature’s beauty, or just simply ‘be’. Set aside your stress and worries for a time to help yourself relax and build resilience for these challenging times. Download here.






10+ California Native Plants You Should Know

Illustration: Jepson eFlora

Get an introduction to some of the native California plants that you will find when you are out and about in our local regional parks and wild areas, or that you might see in waterwise or wildlife-friendly gardens in the Bay Area. Some are endemic – restricted – to California, and others occur throughout the West. All contribute to the enormous diversity of plants in the Golden State, and to the well-being of the insects, birds, mammals and other animals that depend on them. Download here.