Trees and Shrubs Plant Sale

Pop-up event
Friday, May 19–Sunday, May 28

Friday, May 19: Members hour from 9:00 am-10:00 am
General Public: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

Sat. May 20–Sunday, May 28: 10:30am–4:30pm, daily

Shop for a variety of trees and shrubs 

Plants will be replenished throughout the week! Your purchases at this sale provide support for our work at the Garden. Thank you!

  • Members receive their regular 10% discount on plant purchases
  • Bring a box to carry your purchases home.
  • If you plan to only shop without a Garden visit, there is no reservation or admission fee required.

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Please note, plant availability is subject to change

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Propagator Picks:

Rhododendron formosum

Formosum Rhododendron (Rhododendron formosum)

Formosum rhododendron  (Rhododendron formosum), is a rare evergreen azalea from the Himalayans of northeast India. In spring it has pink buds that open to relatively large flowers, white blushed with pink. It forms a rounded shrub 4 to 6 feet high and wide.  Where summers are cool it can take full sun, but requires dappled shade in hotter areas.

Chiranthodendron pentadactylon

Monkey Hand Tree (Chiranthodendron pentadactylon)

An unusual, fast growing tree with bright red 5” flowers resembling a clawed hand, appearing in late spring, early summer. Flowers are followed with distinctive 3-4” long lobed capsule, containing seeds. Also known for its large leaves with fuzzy underside.  Bats and perching birds are attracted to the branches. It is drought tolerant. Although this tree is capable of sizable stature it can be pruned to keep it in bounds so that the unique flowers can be enjoyed on a smaller specimen.

Cantua buxifolia

Sacred Flower of the Andes (Cantua buxifolia)

This decorative shrub from the Andes, sacred to the Incas, is notable for its clusters of vivid flowers, which resemble 3’’ flared pants, attract hummingbirds, and are a national flower of both Peru and Bolivia. Its arching branches can be pruned after flowering to reduce ranginess.

Mexican Flowering Dogwood

Mexican Flowering Dogwood (Cornus Florida var. urbiniana) A rare tree from the mountains of eastern Mexico. It needs slightly acidic, evenly moist soil, with filtered sun. Bears unique, spectacular flowers, with white bracts fused to form cage-like shapes. Form is taller than wide. Protect from frost the first 3 years. Hardy to Bay Area low temperatures once established.