Anthony Garza, Supervisor of Horticulture & Grounds

Bocconia latisepala

The Mexican/Central American Collection has long been one of my favorite areas of the Garden. It contains some of my favorite plants (read agave family), and being one of the farthest flung and quietest areas in the Garden, it can really feel like you’re out in the wilds of mountainous Mexico.

Bouvardia ternifolia

This collection has notable plant highlights come late summer and fall. I encourage you to take the time now and make the trek. You’ll be rewarded by encounters with some special plants within a remarkably well thought out naturalistic assemblage.

From the entry point nearest the South American Area (below beed 616), the collection starts off dry, and somewhat sparse at the top, and gradually shifts into denser mesic rainforest glory further out. Don’t miss the well-crafted rock outcropping of rare ferns just below the main path in bed 352, and the hidden bench nooks tucked here and there.

This exquisite collection is all expertly and lovingly tended by the talented and seasoned horticulturist Eric Schulz. Be sure to look for choice selections from this region at the upcoming fall plant sale.

Heterocentron suffruticosum
Deppea splendens
Alsophila firma
Salvia mexicana
Justicia fulvicoma
Asclepias glaucescens
Agave filifera ssp Schidigera
Kohleria papillosa
Crataegus sp.
Decatropis bicolor
Pavonia lasiopetala
Heterocentron suffruticosum
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